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LUSH | Haul and Samples

Hey lovelies!

I think it's pretty obvious how much I love Lush products! I have sensitive skin that's very prone to breakouts but I feel as though I can put all my trust in Lush products for looking after my skin. They're all fresh, natural and handmade, you can't possibly go wrong with them!

Here's a mini haul and a chat about getting Lush samples, which many people (including myself, up until now) are not sure how to do.

1) Cosmetic Warrior. Recently I wrote a whole blog post dedicated to reviewing this fresh face mask that has practically saved my life. A little over dramatic but still I adore this face mask and I now can't live without it. This is a re buy as I finished my other pot, so if that doesn't tell you that this face mask is worth buying than I don't know what will! To read the review I wrote about the Cosmetic Warrior face mask click here!

2) Celestial. Celestial is a facial moisturiser which I've fallen head over heels for! Its extremely gentle and all ingredients were added with sensitive skin in mind. This moisturiser is specially formulaed to create a light barrier on the skin to stop the loss of moisture and keep sensitive skin feeling calm. You also get a great amount of this moisturiser as you only need a tiny little amount. The first night I used this moisturiser, I put on far too much and struggled to make it all soak in! With this a little really does go a long way so it will last a long time. When I wake up in the morning, my face feels so soft!

3) Tea Tree Toner Tab. If I've learn't anything over my years of dealing with bad skin, it's that Tea Tree and Aloe Vera are two of the best things to use to banish the spots. To use this toner tab all you do is fill a clean bowl with fresh and warm water, drop in the tab and watch it fizz up. Whilst it's fizzing put your face over the bowl as the powerful yet gentle steam opens up your pores for a deep refreshing clean. I like to do this twice a week and to make my tab last longer I chop it up into 4 smaller pieces. These tabs are only £1 each so feel free to put the whole thing into the water! I've also heard that some people (to avoid any waste) then put the remaining water, that the tab has dissolved in, into a spray bottle, they then spritz their face throughout the following day, which is a good idea that I might have to try!

4) Boom! Gunpowder Toothy Tabs. When I heard about Lush's toothy tabs (which I haven't heard of from anywhere else) I just had to give them a try! They're a substitute to tooth paste and In my opinion are just as good. To use just take a tab, chew it between your teeth until it starts to foam and then just brush like normal. Your breath is left so minty fresh and you mouth feels lovely and clean! They come in a small bottle with a screw-able lid, so are great for travelling. This different, weird and wonderful idea is worth trying, and you honestly can't get enough of the taste!

Ever wanted to try out a Lush product but wasn't sure about buying the full priced thing? Did you know you can ask Lush for samples? Because I didn't until a very lovely Beauty blogger named Katy (RottenOtter) told me how. Check out her post here!

When buying Lush products online, there is a space at the checkout where you can add a note about delivery. This is usually were you talk gift wraping and things like that. Here is also where you can write to the shopper at Lush, who will put together your order, what products you would like samples of. I tested this feature out with my order of the items above and I was really happy with my samples and especially the generous sizes of samples.

The products I asked for samples of include
- Dream Cream - Hand and Body Lotion
- Miles of Smiles - Toothy Tabs
- Coal Face - Facial Soap

After asking for these samples I ran out of space in the writing box, so couldn't ask for anymore, but I love this new feature it's so useful for testing out the product before you buy. It's because of these samples that I hope to buy the full sized products next time I head into the shop.

What are your go to Lush products? Any recommendations? Did you know about the Samples option and have your ever used it?

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