Sunday, 3 January 2016

DonaLoveHair Wig Review and Unboxing | SNY027

Hey lovelies!

So the week before Christmas, I purchased my first wig. I thought hey, why not treat myself to a little Christmas present?! I first heard of DonaLoveHair on instagram, a couple people that I follow had bought some of her wigs and they looked gorgeous! The wigs looked so real and the colours where beautiful, so vibrant and fun. So I treated myself to my first wig, hopefully it's the first of many because I've fallen in love!

The wigs take 2-3 days to make and because DonaLoveHair is america based, I didn't expect to receive my wig until at least the first week of January. But it came on Christmas Eve! I was very happy, the delivery was so quick!

The wigs come in cute little blue/green boxes. I've noticed from what some other customers have put on their instagrams that everyone gets something different in their box, which I think is lovely. It makes your order special! I got The wig (Obviously!), one wig cap, a lovely little pink hair bow and the most adorable comb I've every seen! The same colour turquoise of the box with the brush part of the comb, a lovely pink. I only lightly brush my wig with this comb (I don't want to ruin the wig) and  I don't use my usual big hair brush, that I would use on my natural hair.

The wig (SNY027) is straight, waist length (24 inch), synthetic and is purple/lilac. You guys know I love the colour lilac and I've always wanted lilac hair, this wig is perfect!

The wig is lace front. The purpose of the lace front is to make the hairline seem natural. At first I didn't realise what I had to do with a lace front wig, but after a quick Google search I came across a couple tutorials on how to cut the lace off of the wig. It was quite easy to do actually. I put the wig on, pinned the hair out of the way and took some small scissors. I cut as close to the hairline as I could without cutting the actual hair. Be careful doing this if you make a purchase of a lace front wig, you don't want to damage the wig or hurt yourself!

There's no glue or tape to keep the wig on your head, but it won't budge! There are three black clips inside the wig that attach to your natural hair (or your wig cap, if your hair is long like mine), and then there's a little hook which fastens at the back of your head. When the wind picks up, you won't need to worry about losing your wig!

The wig cap was the only difficulty point for me. I wasn't sure how to put on the one I was sent in the box (Black, lace, not a cap more like a headband as it has two holes). So I had to take to amazon to find a natural/skin colour wig cap that was actually a cap. I have really long hair so I needed a good wig cap to do it's job. Not to worry though, the wig is still amazing!!

I seem to have built a wishlist of other wigs from DonaLoveHair that I've fallen in love with! They have so many different colours and styles, I struggled to pick just one wig to buy. And then there was the hard decision on whether to get the lilac straight wig or the lilac curly wig! I think I made the right choice though!

Have a browse, you might like what you see! DonaLoveHair and check out their Instagram. Check back to AimeeSueXO tomorrow for my photo shoot with the wig!

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