Wednesday, 16 December 2015

The Perfect Hot Chocolate

Hey lovelies!

Hot chocolates are my favourite warm drink this time of year, especially piled high with marshmallows, sipping in front of a warm fire, under blankets and watching old Christmas films. The definition of perfect!

I'm sure you all have your own unique little ways of making hot chocolate, but I thought i'd show you how I make the perfect hot chocolate. There's nothing overly special about it but it's still perfect to me!

What you will need -
Your favourite mug (Mine just so happens to be specifically for hot chocolates!).
A jar of hot chocolate. I've gone for Options Indulgence, dreamy Belgium chocolate. (But any will do, maybe dairy milk, galaxy etc).
Sweetened cocoa sprinkles.
Cake angels, mini marshmallows.
Cookie cutters (I'll explain why later).

How to make the perfect mug -
Start by boiling some water and then leaving it to cool slightly, then add 4 heaped teaspoons of Options Indulgence (Chocolate powder) into your favourite mug. Fill the mug with hot water and stir well. To make your hot chocolate even creamier try adding a dash of milk. I always add a teaspoon of sugar, The hot chocolate powder (Options Indulgence) already has sweeteners in it, but I seriously have a sweet tooth!

I then piled my hot chocolate high with mini marshmallows and attempted something I'd never tried before. So I found inspiration from a couple of pictures on Pinterest (Which you can follow me on here!), to use cocoa sprinkles on top of the hot chocolate. That's where the cookie cutters come into this although when I attempted this it failed...:( My original plan was to use the Christmas tree cookie cutter (It being Christmas and all) to have a guideline as to the shape of a Christmas tree when sprinkling on the cocoa sprinkles but the sprinkles where going everywhere but the shape of the tree! So I gave up and just sprinkled the cocoa sprinkles everywhere! I also think The base was a little off, Maybe nest time i'll try adding the sprinkles on whipped cream rather then marshmallows.

The hot chocolate tastes lovely and it's great to cuddle up with on a cold Winter's night. I don't know about you, but hot chocolates always relax me to the point where i'm so close to falling asleep. So defiantly a drink for nighttime!

If you're artsy, you could probably do a better job at the whole cocoa sprinkles and cookie cutters then me. I'd love to see if you attempt to make this hot chocolate and how you decorate it! Share your pictures with me on Twitter, that would be lovely!

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