Thursday, 24 December 2015

LookBook | The Christmas Jumper

Hey lovelies!

It was a must, I had to do a post featuring my ugly Christmas Jumper! I got this jumper from Primark in November because I didn't want it to go out of stock. I feel like with Primark, you have to grab what you want when you see it because the next time you go in, It would more then likely be gone. Every year my sister and I get matching Christmas jumpers to wear on the day, this is the jumper we went for. It has cute little reindeer with fairisle patterns and teeny tiny snowflakes. The jumper is super snug and warm but be warned about the itchiness. It's made from wool so it can be very itchy after a while but hey, It's Christmas!

I wore the jumper with a black ribbed tube skirt which is made of a thick material so keeps you warm. Also from Primark. I then put on my go to black combat boots, from Ebay and added my maroon coloured tights and voila. The perfect look for Christmas day!

This is my last post before the big day! The next time we chat would possibly be on Boxing day or maybe the 27th, I'm not overly sure. But Blogmas has been fun, and I never had the intention to take part. I just wanted to write a few posts for you, here and there. Those few posts turned into one every two days, and I even posted a couple days in a row! I hope you enjoyed all of my posts though out the December month, in fact I hope you enjoyed all of my posts throughout the year!

I wish all of you the best Christmas to date, and I shall defiantly chat to you all before the New Year! Enjoy the lest couple day of 2015, It's been a good one for sure!!

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