Thursday, 10 December 2015

LookBook | Maroon Sweater

Hey lovelies!

I have a new Wintery look book for you, the first of many! Expect to see a lot of maroons, reds, whites and of course blacks. I can't help it I just love dark clothes!

The sweater that i'm wearing with this outfit is lovely and warm. The long sleeves keep you arms nice and cosy whilst the material also helps as it's made from super soft cotton. You can see on the photo that the material has pleats or folds giving it more of a Wintery, warm and snug feel.

The skater skirt is one of my basic wardrobe necessities because it's so easy to style with anything! It's an outfit staple that everyone must have, a simple black skirt and it looks super girly and cute as well! I like to wear this skirt with the maroon jumper tucked inside because the jumper is quite long especially at the back, so would look a little odd untucked.

Moving onto the red tights. I didn't know whether to style them with this outfit or not. I bought these tights with the intention to put them with outfits like this one, but one arrival in the post I noticed that the shade of red doesn't match that of the sweater, but hey ho, fashion is about trial and error right?! Working pieces of clothing together because sometimes you might be surprised as to whether they work well or not.

Last but not least my trusty old boots. I've had these boots for who knows how long and there was a time in my life (Maybe 5-6 months ago, idk) where I practically lived in them. So they're very worn to pieces but I really like them and I think they went along swiftly with this outfit.

Maroon sweater - Primark
Black skater skirt - New Look
Red tights - Ebay
Black ankle boots with metal decoration - New Look

What do you think about the tights with the sweater? Yay or nay...? I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

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