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Makeup Brushes and Cleaning Them | M.A.C and Royal Langnickel

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For awhile now I've been looking for a new brand of make-up brushes to replace my old ones. I spent a lot of time (Possibly longer than was necessary) researching different makeup brushes to see which ones are the best quality and are right for me. I came across a brand that i'd never heard of before, but their brushes are top quality and come highly recommended by professional makeup artists, and they were great value for money.

So here is a little chat about my new makeup brushes and also an updated way on how to clean them! If you'd like to read my last post about cleaning makeup applicators, where I go into more detail about the cleaning side, you can click here!

The kit that I got is from Royal Langnickel - Professional makeup brushes. They make brushes for makeup, nails, stage/face paint and so many more. You can buy this set right here!

It's a 12 piece set that comes with every brush you could possibly need for your makeup routine. They are 100% Vegan and the brushes come in a 2 part, snap close container. This is great for traveling with the brushes and also doubles up as two brush holders, so extra storage for your makeup brushes which is great.

Both the brushes and the container/holder come in a variety of different colours, I choose purple and black as they're my two favourite colours and so match the style of my bedroom.

The 12 brushes in this set include
- Large Powder
- Contour
- Foundation
- Large Concealer
- Stippler
- Mini Flat Smudger
- Small Shader
- Line and smudge
- Smudger
- Crease
- Angle Shader
- Angle Brow

At the bottom of every brush your told the name of the brush so that you have a rough idea of what to use it for. This is great for if your like me and need clearer instructions on which brush works best for which job, and to help even more, on the back of the packaging your told in even more detail how and where to use each brush. I find that with other brush brands your not told this which is a little unhelpful but I guess that then leaves the application purely up to the person and their personal preferences.

Moving on to the cleaning side of makeup brushes. I love to use the M.A.C Cosmetics Brush Cleanser as it does exactly whats in the title! This product cleans, disinfects and conditions the brush fibers so that your brushes will last longer. This cleanser leaves your brushes smelling fresh and clean and also helps to shorten their drying time. It's like perfection in a bottle if you ask me!

To use this cleanser all you have to do is apply a small amount to your damp brushes and work the cleanser through. Rinse the brushes well, reshape them and then lay them flat to dry.

My only issue with this brush cleanser is that it comes out very fast, a pump disposer would probably be more effective and more useful as to not waste or use too much of the product. But that is my only piece of criticism, aside from that it's perfect!

I would highly recommend both the brush set and the brush cleanser they are both fantastic and make applying make up so much easier!

Let my know what your favourite brand of makeup brushes are and what's your favourite product to clean them?

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