Monday, 30 November 2015

Soap and Glory | Favourite Products

Hey lovelies!

Soap and Glory is one of the many brands that I seem to be obsessing over at the moment. I just can't fault any of the products that I've used so far and there's been a lot. I use Soap and Glory lip gloss, Soap and Glory shower wash even Soap and Glory eyeliner! I'm obsessed! But it's a great brand to be obsessed with.

I have many Soap and Glory favs but in this blog post I thought i'd narrow it down to my top 4 must haves. The 4 Soap and Glory products that I really can't live without.

1) Hand Food. It really is 'the most astonishing hand cream ever' !! and I have nothing but positivity to spread about this hand cream. This hand cream leaves your hands feeling soft and smooth, but most importantly is that they don't leave your hands feeling greasy, like my hand creams do, which is just great! I have the full size tub for at home use and the mini travel size for on the go. My hands have never been so soft! And this stuff smells like marshmallows!

2) Heel Genius. This fantastic foot cream works wonders on your feet, it works the same magical effect on your feet as Hand Food works on your hands! I apply a generous amount of this cream to both my feet (make sure they're freshly cleaned) and massage them until most of the cream has absorbed. But the thing with this cream is that it doesn't all absorb at once. After massaging the cream into your feet put on some cosy fluffy socks and head to bed whilst the rest of the cream soaks in. You'll wake up with the softest of feet!

3) Flake Away. Shea butter, sugar and peach seed body polish. This is another product that comes in a large pot but as it was my first time using it, I decided to go for the mini pot just in case I didn't like it. That wasn't the case at all and now i'm wishing I did by the large pot! My body is left so soft and smooth after applying this body polish and it smells so good! I massage in circular motions a generous amount all over my body, until most of the grains are gone, before hoping in the shower. I feel it has more time to soak in to your skin this way and therefore you get a better result. I then just rinse it off in the shower and voila. Perfectly soft skin!

4) Hand Maid. I've been using Hand Maid for longer than can remember. It's a fresh, fruity and foral scented antibacterial hand cleansing gel. That was a mouthful! The mini travel size is perfect to pop into your handbag or school bag. If your on the go and feel like a surface you have just touched was unsanitary, tada handmaid! It's really useful and I defiantly think that all women should carry one of these with them. Some public toilets though, trust me, you'll be grateful for it! Its possibly my most favourite smelling antibacterial gel's ever! You can see on the picture it's almost all gone! I feel as though it moisturizes at the same time, I guess that's why it's called a cleansing gel!

What are your favourite products from Soap and Glory? Any recommendations??

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