Monday, 16 November 2015

Monthly Obsession | French Music

Down to recent events, I wanted to pay my respects for the beautiful place that is Paris. A place in which I have always hoped and dreamed to one day live in, as it's one of the most iconic fashion capitals in the world and such a breath taking place. So my monthly obsession at the moment would have to be French music which I just adore to pieces!

I hope this blog post encourages you to experiment with different cultures and their music styles because you may be pleasantly surprised!

1) Tal - I first discovered Tal whilst playing on Just Dance (I think it was just dance 4, idk). The song Danse which is originally featuring Flo Rida is on the game but its not the original by Tal. But the original is so good and so is Tal. I love her album every song is perfect! I would also recommend the song Le Sens De La Vie. The song is just so beautiful.

2) Stromae - It was Pentatonix fault that I stumbled across Stromae. The song Papaoutai (which American accapella group Pentatonix covered) was originally by a French guy named Stromae and I honestly don't know whose version I like most, their both just too good! I love the fact that Stromae's music video for this song is quite odd, It just makes the song even more crazy and fun.

3) Team BS - Team BS are a group consisting of three guys and a girl. The girl has such a beautiful voice singing mainly the chorus whilst the guys take it in turns rapping the verses. The group have such a great dynamic and their album is great! I would recommend the songs Case Depart, Fierte, 1.2.3 ans Team BS. You won't regret giving these a listen!

4) Kendji Girac - He could possibly be the French Justin Bieber. Kendji's voice is amazing and his songs are so catchy. Even though I don't know too much French, I find it impossible to not sing along to his songs! Take a listen to Andalouse.

5) Margaux Avril - Another truly beautiful voice. It must just be the French accent as it seems every french musician has that mesmerizing sound to their voice. The song L'Air De Rien is really sweet and also very catchy.

6) Vitaa - My favourite songs from Vitaa include Game Over and Vivre. They're both so upbeat and instantly make me feel happy. Game Over also has a French guy rapping throughout. These songs are so good!!

7) Joyce Jonathan - Joyce is very similar to Margaux Avril as her voice is really sweet and lovely. I love the song Je Ne Sais Pas which is a very chill guitary song. It's the type of vibe you'd want to create on the beach or whilst trying to relax. Her voice is so calming.

8) Indila - The first time I heard Indila's voice I fell in love. It's beautiful and honestly reminds me of an angel singing. Her entire album is absolute perfection but to get a taster the song S.O.S is the song that got me hooked. Midway through were she does the humming, I was well and truly captivated!

9) Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! - If your into more pop-punky music, here is my favourite French band that I discovered no to long ago. These don't sing in the French language so if you don't speak French you'll understand what they're saying. But this band is originally from Paris and you guys know how much I love my bands. Some of their songs are a little heavier with the lyrical content and the screams but they're cover of All Star I honestly think is better than the original!

I just love everything about France and like I said at the start of this post I really hope to live their one day, stop by Paris on my travels around the world. You may have also noticed that I spell my name the French way, I'm literally obsessed!

I hope you liked this post, something a little different but i'm obsessing at the moment. All these artist can be found on both Spotify and Youtube so feel free to take a listen. I just find French music so relaxing and fun to listen too, even though I don't speak the language too well.

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