Thursday, 26 November 2015

LookBook | Monochrome Swing Dress

Hey lovelies!

I think it's time for a new LookBook... Today's outfit is a monochrome swing dress!

I bought this dress from New Look and it was something like £24, which may seem like a lot but the material that this dress is made from is one of the things that make it one of my favorite dresses of the moment. The dress is made with quite a thick material but its extremely lightweight and floaty to wear. I find that i'm wearing this dress so much more in the Winter weather rather than the Summer as it's thick material and long sleeves leave me feeling super cosy and trust me it's far too hot for a dress like this in the Summer!

This dress is so much fun to play with. You can dress it down by wearing it with some tights and ballet pumps or dress it up by adding a large statement necklace, a blazer and heels.

Every girl is different when it comes to figure and body shape, that's what makes us all unique! I'm one of those girls that is rather slim. I have a small figure and I defiantly don't specialize in the curves department, there's really not much of that going on. So because of this, I find that swing dresses are my perfect match. They flow freely down your body, so it really doesn't matter if lacking with the curvyness.

I found out that the perfect dress to suit my body shape is kind of similar to Zoella's. She's spoken before in a Boohoo clothing haul video that swing dress are great for slim and small figures, so there's my inspiration for this one.

I matched this dress with simple black tights and black wedged heeled ugg boots which I think were also from New Look. I love these boots as they don't have the issue that comes in partnership with most ugg boots which is that your feet will start to slide inwards. Ugg boots usually don't give your feet or ankles good structure so you may end up walking a little odd after wearing them for long periods of time. But because these uggs are wedged heeled they're so much easier to walk in, support your feet and give you a height advantage. They're super soft, comfy and fluffy on the inside just like real uggs and they keep your feet warm. A perfect match for the colder weather!

What dress style suits your body shape? A maxi-dress, a puffy skirt dress, a body-con dress...? Let me know in the comments below. What are your go too's this Winter.

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