Sunday, 13 March 2016

LookBook | Thigh High Boots and Jumper Dress

Hey lovelies!

I'ts the return of the thigh-high boots! I haven't got as many photos of this outfit because something happened to my camera whilst taking them (they weren't great quality!) This post has been a long time here you go, enjoy!

The outfit contains of course my Kalena black velvet over the knee boots from Public Desire, which i'm totally loving right now! These boots are really comfortable and easy to wear as the heel isn't too tall but it's also quite chunky. I struggle to walk in really high thin heels so I've found that chunky heels are great especially for beginners! The velvet material is also amazing, it's so soft! And as I've proved with these 'Thigh High Boots and...' posts, they are so easy to style with any outfit.

I wore the boots with some very thin denier tights, the ones with the seam down the back, (worn in this outfit!) Since the tights are so thin I ripped them quite easily, which was very annoying! Can you see the ladder, yeah! I'll try to be more careful next time.

The jumper dress is from Primark and it's super comfy. The sleeves are quilted which makes it lovely and warm to wear on a colder day and I love Paris, so it's perfect!

What do you think of the jumper dress? Which post featuring the thigh high boots has been your favourite so far?

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