Friday, 26 February 2016

Love Me Beauty: February | Unboxing

Hey lovelies!

I've heard of so many great beauty boxes like Glossy Box and Birch Box etc, but none of them seemed to spark my fancy. That is until I found Love Me Beauty! I think the reason it appealed to me more so than the other is because with Love Me Beauty you can choose exactly what goes into your monthly beauty box.

When you sign up, you get asked a variety of questions like what's your skin tone, hair colour even what type of beauty products you prefer (e.g lips, eyes, nails, hair etc). based on what you have selected you get shown a variety of products that change monthly. When you select a payment plan (I went for the 3 month plan - £30 plus post and packaging.) This way you are paying only £10 a month for a box full of beauty products worth a total of £147. With this plan you get 180 credits plus an extra 30 bonus credits! You then use these credits to shop from the variety of items you are shown (each item is between 10 and 20 credits). So it depends on the worth of each item as to how many you get in each monthly box. I think this is great as with a different type of beauty box you have no clue what products you might be getting, you may get some nail varnish although you hate painting your nails! This way every item you receive is worth it and something that you really wouldn't mind trying.

The products I chose 

Percy & Reed: Big, Bold & Beautiful, Dry Instant Volumising Spray. It does exactly what it says on the bottle, I use this on day old hair alongside my Batiste dry shampoo and it gives my hair great texture and volume. It makes it so much easier to style as your hair has a lot more grip. A definite re-purchase!

NailsInc: Beauchamp Street 404. I'm a big fan of NailsInc nail varnishes and I absolutely love this colour. I'ts almost like a dark red, maybe more of a dark maroon. I just love it! And it's a gel varnish so the finishing result is lovely and shiny.

Love Me Beauty: Lash curler. A lash curler is probably the only beauty tool that I was yet to own, I'm not too sure why! I love my new lash curler from LMB, I think it's great and gets the job done, although I don't have anything to compare it to!

Omnisens: Body lotion. This body lotion is lovely! Although you only get a small tube that doesn't last long at all, maybe it disappeared quickly because I was using it so much! It leaves you skin feeling silky soft and smelling floral and fresh. It's more of a transparent gel rather then a creamy lotion which is a positive thing because it dries really quickly and doesn't leave you feeling sticky. I'ts great to apply if your in a rush because you can put on your clothes immediately after application. Great!

I just love the packaging as well, so photogenic! I use my LMB box as a storage space for my make up as it fits perfectly in my dresser draw.

Do you have a subscription to a monthly beauty box? I'd love to hear which ones are your favourite! I can't wait to show you what I get in next months box!

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