Thursday, 31 March 2016

Love Me Beauty: March | Unboxing

 Hey lovelies!

Here is my March unboxing of my Love Me Beauty box! I have nothing but greatness to say about this box, it's only two months into my subscription and i'm already so happy with the items that I've received so far!

Item(s) number 1...Popbands! I've seen these adorable little elastics everywhere but I had never actually picked up one of my own. In the March boutique at they had a variety of pop bands to choose from, all varying in colour. I choose a silver/grey and a black/gold. I choose these colours as I feel they would be easier for me to add into my style of dark clothing as opposed to neon pink or bright blue. Their cute little slogan tells all...'I'm kind on your hair and cute on your wrist!'

Next up is the Pure Lust - Extreme Matte Tint lip gloss in Cailyn. When I heard that this lip gloss was a matte tint I just had to add it to my bag, it looks great on the lips and the matte results are flawless! The soft paddle brush allows easy application, it dries super quick with it's matte finish and the colour is just gorgeous! Plus is smells like candy!

This adorable neckless was just screaming my name when I was shopping for my LMB products. I love that it's so simple yet very effective, it offers a simple, classy and elegant look without being too 'in ya face'! I had visions of myself wearing this necklace with a plain black top. The little silver triangle just looks lovely and makes the plain black top not so plain anymore, it just gives it that little something!

I'm starting to build up a small collection of Percy & Reed hair products, these are second and third to add to the list! This first bottle is a Dry Conditioner. It adds shine to even the very dry hair (My hair really needs this stuff!). What I love about this dry conditioner is that it also reduces damage to your hair caused by brushing. Just spray a little of this stuff onto your hairbrush and voila; shiny no-damage hair without using any water!

The second bottle is a Foaming Treatment Mask (Kinda like a conditioner). This stuff is great on fine, flat and dry hair, it's a mousse rather than a cream and so your hair won't feel weighed down after use. The treatment helps to strengthen damaged hair, adds moisture and volume! Take about the size of a golf ball of the mousse into your palm and run it through your hair (it's easier to use a comb!), leave on for 3-5 minutes and rinse. That's the treatment done, it's so quick and easy and your hair feels amazing afterwards!

This month's LMB box was more of a LMB bag. I love this little make up bag it was a complete surprise to receive the items in a handy little bag since I hadn't ordered it as part of my products. This bag is going to be so useful when I start college this September. It's small so it will fit just snug inside my bag, yet it's big enough to store all my essential make up products whilst on the go. I'm also loving the minimalist black and white colour scheme and the cute inspirational quote!

What do you think of the products in this months box? Do you have any recommendations of your favourite beauty boxes? I'd love to check them out!

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