Friday, 25 March 2016

Kitty Shoes and Leg Warmers

Hey lovelies!

First off, I wanted to apologies for the lack of posts. Unfortunately this is going to get worse as I'm focusing the majority of my time on revision for exams. Exam season is very close (my first exam is on May 16th, wish me luck!) and I really want to, and have to, do well. Obviously, the results are important to get into college! The exam season is going to be really busy and hectic so I won't be posting too often, but after my exams are over (the end of June ish) I will hopefully be back blogging as often as usual. I'll also have very little to do during the summer so i'll be making plenty of content for you all!

As for today's post and my current obsession... Kitty Shoes and Leg Warmers!

I'm not a big fan of cats (as in the animals), yet I'm really getting into dressing like one! I have to admit cats are very cute and I love putting cat influences in my outfits, so here are my kitty ballet pumps! I got these from NewChic a couple months ago and what's great is on the website you can choose between these kitty pumps or little puppy pumps. I personally love dogs but I found the kitty pumps a little cuter and I could see myself wearing and styling them a lot easier! The only thing I would say about these adorable pumps is that they are really small. I'd recommend buying a size or two bigger then your normal size, just so they are comfortable and give your feet some extra room.

I love leg wear! Tights, socks, leggings, I just love them! so when browsing on the NewChic website for something to style with the pumps, I found an adorable pair of leg warmers. They're perfect for when you want to wear something on your legs but socks are too much of a commitment, like in the summer for example! they're also really good to wear around the house, under boots so the lace shows over the top or when you're having a pedicure! They're so softs and comfortable and the buttons down the side can be undone or done up as you wish, for extra snugness! I think what drew me to these leg warmers was the detailing. The lace is gorgeous, it adds elegance to the soft fabric, and the buttons are such a lovely addition, I hadn't seen them on too many leg warmers before.

What does you think about animal inspired clothing and button up leg warmers?

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