Thursday, 11 February 2016

A Cute Valentines Gift

Hey lovelies!

Valentine's is just around the corner (In like, 3 days!), so I thought I'd show you a cute little gift idea of what you could get for your valentines. You can buy these little books in most craft places during the valentines period or if you're into crafts, you could try making one yourself!

It's a fun little book that has 50 pages each containing a special message. The fun thing is that you write in the book and fill in the gaps to make it even more personal for your valentines. It's such a cute, fun and quirky idea!

Each page has something different for you to think about and write. It's fun for you to fill in the blanks and it's also fun for your valentines to read through and smile at! And it's only small so your valentines can keep it in their pocket and have a flick through on the go. They'll be reminded of how special they are!

Buy your 'What I love about you by me' fill in the blanks journal, here!

What are your plans for Valentines day? Anything fun and exciting?! What creative gifts have you come up with this year?

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