Friday, 8 January 2016

NewChic | Wishlist and Shopping Review

Hey Lovelies! 

Here is the first installment of my collaboration with NewChic, a current and on trend clothing store based in China. I've put together a small wishlist of items that I just couldn't look past. I only had a limited amount of space for this wishlist, and it was the hardest decision! The shop is just full of fun pieces.

Items in my Wishlist - 

NewChic offers a whole range of clothes with multiple styles. Most items come in a variety of colours, so you're bound to find something you love. You pay cheap prices for high quality fashion and almost every item is on sale at the moment, which is amazing for those with small budgets!

The items can be very quirky. Whilst browsing through the store I noticed an ice cream hand bag! It looked so cute but didn't match the monochrome theme of my wishlist. Also, take a look at the NewChic banner in my sidebar. Another quirky find, a backpack with adorable little panda's!

Each item of clothing has the exact measuring lengths in centimeters and inches. This comes in handy when your not too sure what sizes to buy, just measure yourself up! (There's even a guide that shows you exactly which parts of the body you should be measuring).

Something I love about NewChic is the fact that after registering your account and verifying your email you receive 50 points. Writing reviews under the clothes that you purchased and/or uploading a photo of you wearing the item of clothing, can earn you more points. You can then use these points to get money off of your next purchase. I've never seen this done on other clothing stores, but I think it's such a good idea! This is also a great idea in the fact that you can read accurate reviews of the products that you're looking to buy, and even see a photo of the items in use. It shows you what it looks like on the body and also what others have styled the item with.

Overall NewChic has very quickly become one of my favourite online clothing stores. I can't wait to upload my second post in collaboration with NewChic. I'll be showing you guys in even more depth just how awesome the clothes are from NewChic. Stay posted for more!

Head over to NewChic and have a browse. You never know what you might stumble upon and fall head over heels for!

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* This blog post is sponsored by NewChic

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