Saturday, 2 July 2016

So Many Lovely Designs

Hey lovelies!

Last night I was invited to my new college (which I start at in September!) for the pupils of this year's, final show. There were all forms of art on display including photography, graphics and paintings etc. I went mainly for the fashion because that's the course that I'm starting. The pieces around the room were lovely. It's so exciting that just next year, my designs will be on display at the art show!

It was fun to see the room where I'll be studying. There were mannequins, sewing machines and fabrics everywhere! There was a video playing on a loop of the girls from the fashion class modelling their creations, the same creations that were behind us sitting on the mannequins, and what was really interesting was being able to have a nose through the portfolios laying on the table. We were able to see the first ideas and planning, seeing the journey of how their finishing pieces came to be. Their illustrations were amazing.

I love how many different styles were created and on display. As you cans see below, some were inspired by the 'disco fever' time period, Indians, Egyptians and more. Their were some pieces on display (that I unfortunately didn't take pictures of) that were collared dresses inspired by the 1960's; short, bright yellow dresses paired with long white chunky-heeled boots inspired by the 1970's and one girl even created an Eskimo style fluffy jacket with all different colours/types of fur.

I apologize about the lighting (the room was quite dark) and also about the quality. I didn't know whether I would be able to take pictures of the students pieces or not, so I didn't take my good camera.

This one looks inspired by 2015 Miley Cyrus. The designer put the black shorts and revealing top with the see-through jacket which has really cute, colourful, fluffy sleeves.

This one has a long train of red roses sewn onto a see-through/clear jacket, It's so pretty! I'm so excited to start my course at college, I can't wait!

Which design or piece is your favourite?

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