Sunday, 24 July 2016

ColourPop | Haul + Swatches

Hey lovelies!

So I've recently brought a lot of make up because I realized that my make up selection was very limited. My aim is to get better at applying make up (I'm only good at the basics) and to do that you need some good products to experiment with.

I really like the products at ColourPop and after watching one of my favourite beauty guru's on Youtube, DramaticMac, she made a video all about GoSend and how; by using GoSend you can easily order products from America that don't otherwise ship to the UK. I gave it a try and was very happy with my order, the products themselves from ColourPop are gorgeous and the delivery process was surprisingly smooth sailing. I thought it would be a hassle having to order the stuff to go to the GoSend warehouse and then having them ship the order to me but GoSend handled it really easily and I received my products in no time!

I'm not going to review each product individually (that will take ages!), just know that I love each piece and ColourPop have great quality products at such low prices, they're must-buys!

Ultra Matte Lip
- LAX - A dark vampy red.
- Teeny Tiny - Slightly less red, a tiny little bit on the brown side.

Ultra Satin Lip
- Marshmallow - Light purple/lilac. I love eating Marshmallows and my favourite colour is lilac; this lip colour is perfect for me!
- Petit Four - A darkish grey.

Lippie Stix (matte)
- NeverMind - A dark purple.
- Bull Chic - Black.

I have ghostly pale skin and dark brown/black hair and so I personally think that darker lipstick shades suit me a lot more than lighter shades - I don't want to look washed out do I?!

Super Shock Shadow
- Tassel - A metallic white eye shadow that I brought with the intention of adding to the inner corners of my eyes. It's super sparkly (as you can see in the swatch) and so it really works wonders with highlighting your eyes and making you look more awake.

Brow Colour
- Black 'N Brown - A gel pot of brow colour. My eyebrows are naturally quite dark, so I brought this brow colour in the second darkest shade available - I decided not to go for the Jet Set Black brow colour as I don't think my eyebrows are that dark! This shade of brow colour will suit you perfectly if you have dark brown to black hair, like me!

Sculpting Stix
- Releve - A light pinky matte finish highlight stick. I brought this stick as I already own a highlighting stick from Clinique but it is very shimmery, that might be great for a night out but for an everyday look I wanted something a little more subtle.

Lippie Stix
- Primer - A lip Primer to moisturize your lips and give them a smoother texture to then apply lipstick to. Also your lipstick lasts ages with this stuff!

Lippie Pencil
- Bull Chic - Black lip liner pencil to match the Bull Chic Lippie Stix. As a first time user of lip pencils, I didn't want to go crazy and buy the matching lip pencil of each of the lipsticks that I brought (you can get a matching lip pencil the same shade as any lipstick at ColourPop) I decided to only get a black lip pencil because black is a safe(ish) basic colour that you can line your lips with and then go on to applying any shade of lipstick; the gray (Petit Four) for example, that would look great with a black lip liner pencil!

Have you ever used GoSend to order products from america? What do you think about ColourPop and the make up pieces in my haul?

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