Friday, 29 July 2016

How To Eat Yourself Towards The Perfect Summer Glow |

Hey lovelies!

I've never written a blog post based on food. I don't know why because I love food and very recently I've made a huge lifestyle change based on my diet and I couldn't be happier. I honestly was never interested in eating healthy nutritious food, but now I couldn't imagine going back to the junk food.

I haven't talked in too much detail about my skin before, but basically from the age of 11 (maybe even younger!) I've  suffered with acne. And when I say acne I mean real bad severe acne, make-up did nothing to cover it! Towards the end of last year my skin FINALLY made a break through (with the help of dermatologists and medication). When the acne was gone, I couldn't bear the thought of my skin going backwards again. That's when I made this lifestyle change and cut the crap from my diet!

My skin thanks me and yours should too!

Today's post is in collab with an amazing health food store called (a rather appropriate name, don't ya think?!). Below, Nuts have shared a handy little guide with 8 different healthy and organic superfoods that can work wonders for your skin and all around health, helping you achieve a perfect summer glow ready for your vacation!

Something I've found about eating healthy is that I feel so much better, both in the way I look and the way I feel, health wise. Adding these healthy snacks into your diet (I think) is a much better solution for achieving lovely skin than spending on tonnes of beauty products. At the end of the day beauty starts from within and if you put rubbish into your body, your bound to see the result on your skin.

Other healthy and organic snacks to try this summer (and some of my personal faves!) include -
Chia Seeds
Dried strawberries
Dried and diced kiwis
Raw organic cacao nibs
Coconut chips
Matcha Green tea powder
Goji Berries
Banana chips
I also love the sound of the dried blueberries below!

What do you think about changing up your diet and eating healthier to help towards your perfect summer glow? Also, let me know if you'd like future posts based around healthy foods, I'd be happy to write them!

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