Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Painting Pumpkins

Hey lovelies!

I really hate carving pumpkins, it's just the smell that I really don't like but I still wanted to decorate a pumpkin ready for Halloween. I decided to paint my pumpkins, it's just as fun but not as messy. A win win!

What you will need: Pumpkins (However many you want)
                               Paint (Any colour, I choose black)
                               White marker pen or liquid chalk pen

Paint your pumpkin whatever colour you like, I love black, it's a scary colour and the white show up easily. Before painting your pumpkins make sure to clean them with a damp cloth, it just makes painting a lot easier to be done on a clean surface. I had to do a couple layers of paint as the orange of the pumpkin was still coming through.

Next take your white (Or whatever colour you choose) marker pen/Liquid chalk pen and draw whatever scary picture or face that you like. It's just like you're carving a pumpkin but without the carving part! You may need to do a couple layers with the white marker pen, just to make it stand out.
If you have any glow in the dark paint or nail varnish you could try painting that over the white to make the drawing/face stand out. You could put your pumpkins outside your house to scare the trick-or-treaters!

On my pumpkin I did Jack from one of my favourite films 'The Nightmare Before Christmas', and a scene of a witch riding past an old tree on her broom. A piece of advice would be to not draw too hard with the white marker pen as the paint beneath will start to come off. If you paint paper the paper will absorb some of the paint but obviously the pumpkin doesn't absorb liquid, so your pumpkins may take a while to dry and when they have dried the paint may still peel off.

Have fun with it, draw whatever your like!!

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