Friday, 23 October 2015

American Horror Story: Outfit and Nail Art

Season 5 of American Horror Story is now being aired!!! This makes me so happy, it's one of my favorite TV show and I feel like I've waited a life time for this new season. The first episode aired on the 7th of October featuring Lady Gaga as the lead. American Horror Story always have a special Halloween episode (which will be aired on the 28th October), so this Halloween I thought i'd celebrate by going all out on AHS. I may have also binge watched the four previous seasons, I couldn't help it, they're just too good!!

 This is one of my favorite jumpers which I think I got from eBay. I just really wanted an item of clothing related to the show, and this jumper is perfect. It says the famous quote from my fav Tate Langdon, 'Normal People Scare Me'. Which is so true! Why be normal, normal's boring!

Blood stained AHS nails

I love nail art, so I decided to have a go at doing Halloween/AHS themed nails and what's great is that you only need three colours for this design. Remember to always apply a base coat before painting your nails, it helps to protect them. I would recommend the top and base coat by BarryM.

First I painted my thumb, pinky, and middle finger black (Essie, Shade 88, Colour Licorice) and my pointer and wedding finger both white (BarryM, Shade 66, Colour Matt White).

I then took the black and with a nail art dotting tool (you can use any thin nail art tool) I painted two small X's for eyes on my wedding finger, with a slightly bumpy line going straight underneath for a mouth.

On my pointer finger, I painted a black crucifix cross. For some reason I'm addicted to them at the moment!

On the nails that I painted black, I wrote AHS (which stands for American Horror Story) and I tried to match the well-known font that the show uses.

If you want you can leave your nails there but I wanted to make them even better and more Halloweenie by taking a red nail varnish (Orly Color Blast, Shade 50066, Colour Cherry Creme) and using a slightly bigger dotting tool I quite messily painted the bottom of my nails and drew the red up, to give a blood stained effect. This doesn't have to be neat in fact the messier the better!

Let me know what you think! Are you loving season 5 just as much as I am?!

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