Saturday, 3 January 2015

Winter Wears - hands and feet

Whilst the winter season is still upon us, we need a way of warming up our hands and feet, so why not try out these items of clothing, you'll look gorgeous whilst feeling cosy and snug.

It's time to trade in those frilly socks for some fluffy ones! Not only are these fluffy socks from M&S super comfy but they also look great with any outfit. Perfect to keep your toes warm. And a plus is that they come in a variety of colours and patterns. I had to buy some red ones to get me into the festive mood!

Next on our list of winter wears is gloves because our fingers need to feel the warmth too! Here I have chosen my two favourite types of gloves.

These mittens look so cute and keep your hands incredibly warm. The only down side of mittens is that you might struggle to complete certain tasks as you have all your fingers in the same cosy compartment. Here's a way to stop that struggle.

These gloves have double the amount of warmth because you are essentially wearing two pairs of gloves. I like to call it layering. You can put these gloves in sets or you could try mixing and matching with your friends to create a unique look. The gloves on top are fingerless and so are quite useless when worn on their own as your finger tips are the first to feel the cold, so when worn with the bottom pair of gloves your hands are super snug!

These slipper socks have been my favourite winter necessity. They're fun to wear around the house on a lazy day off. The fluffy insides are so soft it's like a bed for your feet and the suction pads on the bottom of the socks are great for if your have wooden floors, you'll never slip over. Your can get these slipper socks from primark for under £5 and in a wide range of colours and patterns. Mine even have cute little wool balls (not too sure what they're name is) which my puppy's love to play with! 

What was your favoutie thing to wear this winter? Oh and I hope you all had a fantastic New Years!


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