Friday, 12 December 2014

What Every Girl Needs Autumn/Winter

I absolutely love snuggling up in big cuddly jumpers when it turns cold outside. Autumn and winter fashion can be as fun to create and wear as summer and spring - let me tell you how!

If you have a summer dress, skirt or shorts that you love, don't hide them away all winter long. Just add a pair of thick winter tights or a cute cardigan. 

You never know what the weather is going to be like in autumn, so layer up with vests, t-shirts and jumpers. A tip of mine is to wear a collared shirt underneath a warm snugly winter jumper. Try to match the colours and there you go a great layered and warm look for the cold winter weather.

Wellies and boots are a rainy and snowy winter day essential. If your look is classic, go for a traditional green rubber boot. Or go for an crazy print or cheer-me-up colourful pair to make an impression. You can even buy glittery Wellies! 

To brighten up dull, dark winter days, add a bright scarf to your heavy coat. It will liven up your look and your mood. Try clashing the colour of your scarf with the colour of your gloves to make a fashion statement! 

Have fun experimenting with your winter and autumn looks!


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