Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Winter Wears - hats and scarfs

This winter I didn't wear to many hats or scarfs but I still think they are super cute and such a fun way to accessorise whilst keeping warm.

These are two beanies that are exactly the same in fabric and pattern the only difference is the colour. Whilst out shopping I brought these two colours, black and red because I wear a lot of clothes that are these colours so the match pretty much anything I wear. I also love the cute little bobble on the top of these hats, they make me feel festive and I'm not too sure why!

This is my 'Bad hair day' beanie, the one I wear when I can't be bothered or don't have time to do anything fancy with my hair. These beanies are fun to wear because you can buy them in numbers on ebay each hat saying a different thing, for example a beanie in this set may say '#Selfie'.

My only issues with beanies is that they make your head very hot, which I suppose is good in the winter weathers, but they also itch my head a lot, I'm not too sure whether it's the wool or not...?

This is my favourite scarf of the winter season. It's a simple plaid snood from New Look. Snoods are my favourite type of scarf because you can wrap them round your neck multiple times if you like, or just once. I also like the fact that the inside edge of this snood is frayed on purpose, I think it gives it a cool look. I wear a lot of plaid, wether it's shirts, leggings, skirts or a scarf, so this scarf fits in well with my wardrobe.

What's been your favourite type of hats and scarfs this winter?


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