Sunday, 21 September 2014

In Love With My Choker

So this post is pretty self explanatory from the title. I've finally gotten on board with the latest fashion trend, I'm only a little bit late. So the trend is the choker. I've seen chokers in a bunch of different styles with different charms and things but I spent a bit of time looking for a simple plain black one. I got mine from Topshop in the Freedom range for only £5 and let's just say in really impressed. 

With chokers you'd usually expect them to do what the name says. To strangle you. But they don't, they're extremely comfortable, tight on your neck but not too tight that you feel restricted. Like I said they come in a range of different colours and styles so you could maybe even get a panda charm one. Why not? 

If your not a fan of having things so tightly around your neck, then you could always try the braclet. The one from Topshop comes in the exact same style as the choker necklace that I am wearing but it's designed for your wrist. That is also £5 from the Freedom range and it comes in both a black and a navy blue. They both fit so snugly! And they look great and add a bit of edge to any outfit. 

I haven't taken mine off yet!


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