Thursday, 4 September 2014

Back To School - Bag Essentials

Most schools in the UK go back at some point in this week. On Friday the 5th I shall be waving goodbye to the summer holidays and saying hello to the dreaded school hallways. So I thought I'd help you out with some of my bag essentials, I've had these things with me since year 7 and they haven't failed me yet!

My school bag is a black zip front, two handle, tote bag (£37 from New Look). I like this bag because the strap isn't painful on your shoulder and if you like you can use the second smaller strap. This bag keeps my books and folders straight which is one thing I dislike with backpacks. Also this bag has a lot of much needed storage space for all your things, it has the small compartment at the front, another zip up compartment inside and a pouch for your phone which is very helpful if you don't have a blazer with large pockets to hold your phone.

Things to do when your board (at lunches and breaks) - 

I really enjoy reading so I make sure that I always have either a book or a fashion magazine in my bag, because you never know when your going to be board and want to read. Of course I take my phone everywhere with me and I also accompany my phone with my headphones. When I have nothing to do at lunches and on the journey to and from school, I love to listen to my music. I hunk it's clear to say that I can't live without music. At the moment I'm really loving Maroon 5's new album V.

Important stationary - 

Next I have a notebook just in case I want to write or doodle, having the spare paper is always useful. I then have my calculator, ruler, glue stick, black pen (your school may have a rule against writing in blue, red or green ink so make sure to find that out before school starts), multicolour pens, sharpener, rubber, and if your school has lockers then you'd probably have your locker key (or house key). I seem to have an endless supply of pencils within my bag, I take art so the pencils definatly come in handy.

Beauty Products - 

These are my must have beauty products, your mays be different depending on what you like and use. I have a simple black mini hairbrush which is great when it's windy or after PE. Spare hair ties and bobby pins. A nail file (trust me you'll want one of these), baby lips, a small pocket mirror and my favourite antibacterial hand gel which is from the soap and glory range, it is called hand maid. And my most recent idea was to take perfume sample with me to school, the reason being there small and easy to carry around with you, they take up a lot less space then regular sized perfume. I got mine from boots, I just asked for help with getting some perfume samples. The two in this picture are my favourite, 'Stella' by Stella McCartney and Prada.

I really hope this post helps, good luck with school, I'll need some luck to! 


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