Wednesday, 13 August 2014


Hello Everyone,

First post on my blog, honestly I'm kind of nervous I mean will anyone even read these posts? Will they be useful? I really hope so. So what will this blog be about? I'm aiming to post anything about fashion and beauty I'll maybe even throw in some lifestyle posts just for the hell of it, who knows? But the hard thing is the range to cover, don't get me wrong I'm definitely going to try to cover as much style segments as I can but everyone has different opinions, what one might find good another may find bad, so with that said I'll try to post as much as I can about different looks and styles to try to please everyone. If you have any requests on things you'd like to see me cover feel free to leave a comment!

So here's a small bit about myself. My name is Aimee with the French spelling. I'm 14 years old and I live in the UK the north to be precise. You may be thinking, 'she's to young to know anything about fashion' my answer to that is yes, yes I am young but fashion, fashion is my life pretty much. Shopping is one of my favorite activities. For my GCSE courses I've chosen to take Art, History and Sociology. By taking these subjects I feel as though I have improved with my fashion skills (Not so much with Sociology), I love drawing new clothing ideas in my worn to pieces sketch pad, and I absolutely love  fashion history, so much so I feel like I may have been born in the wrong generation. Vintage is my passion. My dream job is to become a fashion journalist, you know like the ones who work with Vogue or ELLE magazines, because since i'm quite shy i prefer to write about fashion rather than model it, almost like a sports commentator.

All opinions, views and photos on this blog are mine, taken, thought of and edited by me unless stated otherwise. If at any point on this blog I use a photo which is not mine it will be stated and credited to the person in which I got it.

Thanks for taking the time to read my posts, I really hope you all enjoy my blog and have as much fun reading as I have writing.

Aimee Sue XO

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