Sunday, 17 August 2014

IN2U for Her: Calvin Klein | Perfume Review

The other day I went out for a meal with the family. We went to a lovely resturant and whilst there I sat beside my mum. I noticed she smelt really nice which isn't at all unusual, as she always smells top notch. But it was different that day, a new smell. It turns out she had recently bought a new perfume. I loved the smell so much I asked her if I could review the perfume for my blog, so here it is.

The perfume is Calvin Klein - CK IN2U for Her. The perfume came out in 2007 but was new for my mum. It's a great purchase and I highly recommend it. It comes in a simple urban bottle making this a unisex perfume, pleas able for both male and female. I've not yet smelt the 'him' version of this perfume but if it's half as good as the female version then I'd defiantly fall for the guy wearing it. 

The perfume was originally made for young people as Calvin Klein was trying to show that he knows what young people like, which I guess is true as I am young and I defiantly approve. But older people can buy this perfume as well I mean my mum recommended it to me. 

This perfume is great for a night out as it's long lasting, after just one spritz on your wrist or neck, the scent will stay put the rest of the night which is a big factor we look for when testing out new perfumes.

I really do recommend this perfume to you, if your browsing for a new perfume to try why not test out Calvin Kleins range?

Aimee Sue 

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