Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Avon Body Mist Review

My friends mum has recently become a representative of the Avon beauty company. She gave me this months catalogue in which I purchased scented body mist. In this post I shall be reviewing the different body mist, and honestly each one is so good, I definatly recommend purchasing some.

The fun thing about these sprays is that they are actually room fresheners which explains there long lasting power but there just as good at working as a body mist.

First is of course my favourite, 'Dreamy Lavender and Chamomile'. Not only does the bottles interior match my room perfectly but also makes it smell so good. It of course has the scent of lavender which is a true fav of mine and also it stays on your clothes all day, it's great!

In this range they also do 'Bright Apple Blossom' 'Sunny Starberry and Guava' 'Fresh Lily and Gardenia' and 'Blushing Cherry Blossom' each has a different and unique scent, which one will you love?

Aimee Sue

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