Sunday, 7 August 2016

Lincoln Volkswagen Camper Day 2016

Hey lovelies!

The weather is finally back to being gorgeous and to absorb today's heat myself and my family went on a walk to the Lincoln Volkswagen Camper Day 2016. We took our dogs who loved the sunshine and all the excitement taking place.

Basically a bunch of people in and around the Lincoln area gathered on the Brayford with their Volkswagen camper vans and cars. My family don't own one of these camper vans, but it is my parents dream that when they retire they want to refurnish a camper van and go travelling around Cornwall (our family's favourite holiday destination). So we went along today to have a nose at some of the different styles and to see what different people have done, style wise, in order to make their camper van more holiday and family friendly.

Doing up camper vans like these can take a lot of time and effort but these vans were made to look so cute and cosy!

Can you imagine how fun it would be to travel down to Cornwall in one of these?!

The one above just has the most adorable decor I've ever seen, seriously so cute!! This one remind me of just about all the gift shops down in Cornwall!

A wedding car made to look gorgeous by adding purple ribbon and flowers.

The day was very fun and the weather remained perfect, just what you want for a summers day out. From the pictures above, which camper van is your favoruite? How's your summer going so far?!

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