Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Benefit - Dew The Hoola: Liquid Bronzer | Review

Hey lovelies!

I didn't know at first whether to write this blog post or not, as it's the first negative review I've done on my blog. I received the Benefit - Dew The Hoola: liquid bronzer, from my monthly Elle subscription. The liquid bronzer is supposed to give a soft-matte, lightweight texture, shimmerless and natural finish.

I was really excited as I'm a huge fan of benefit eye make up; Their mascaras and brow products are my holy grails, but I couldn't say the same about this bronzer.

So I sat down to film a YouTube video, originally planning on a first impressions review of the product. It's safe to say that my first impression wasn't a positive one. I applied the liquid bronzer just as I would any other bronzer; powder or cream. The consistency was quite runny but what you would expect of a liquid bronzer. I applied to my cheek bone, forehead and down the sides of my nose and the liquid felt cold and airy on my skin, really refreshing actually.

I then went in with my Real Techniques: Beauty Blender sponge (as I always use) but the bronzer did not blend. I tried everything from brushes, to my fingers, I even dampened my sponge to see if that would help, but nothing did. By this time I was annoyed as I was sat in front of my camera, filming a video that was just not working the way I wanted it to! I ended up deleting the video footage and instead decided on writing this honest review of the product on my blog.

After the failed video attempt I continued to try and blend the bronzer which came with no hope. I had strong dark brown lines on my face that I just couldn't seem to blend into a subtle contour. It's safe to say that I washed my make up straight off and do no intend to return to that product.

I'm not saying that everyone will have a bad time using the Benefit - Dew The Hoola: liquid bronzer, but it's the only product by Benefit that I wouldn't recommend to a friend. On the back of the box, it says, to use: Smooth on bare skin or over foundation. From reading this I didn't know whether this product was designed to use as a full face bronze or as a regular bronzer; to contour and bring definition to certain areas of you face. I knew after squirting some on the back of my hand that the shade would be far too dark for me to use on my whole face, I don't tan and so a truly bronzed face on me would not look right.

Have you tried this liquid bronzer before? If so what are your thoughts and did you smooth over your whole face or use just as a contour?

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