Friday, 13 May 2016

Such a gorgeous skin + Discount Code | CaseApp

Hey lovelies!

I'm really excited about this post in collaboration with CaseApp. They contacted me a couple weeks ago asking if I would be up for designing my own case/skin, and of course I said Yes!
Above is the front and back of my newly decorated iPad.

I'm personally not to keen on cases, I just don't like the big bulkiness. I much prefer skins, so that is what I went for. I decided to glitz up my boring iPad with this purple wash skin. I love the detailing and design of this skin. Purple, white and black are my favourite colours and to have them all in one beautiful swirly design, I love it! The texture of the skin is nice as well, there's a slight grip to it.

A skin is basically like a giant sticker, you peel it off, position the sticker on your device and then just stick it down! It's quite easy to do, although since I was putting my skin on a large iPad, it was a two man job. I'm quite a perfectionist so I had to make sure that the skin was positioned perfectly around the various buttons and camera holes etc.

What CaseApp have to offer...
Premade or custom iPhone case 
Premade or custom Samsung case
Premade or custom iPad case
Premade or custom iPod case
Premade or custom iPhone skins
Premade or custom MacBook skins
Premade or custom iPad skins
Premade or custom iPod skins
Premade or custom Samsung skins
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Premade or custom Nokia skins

If you head to the CaseApp website you can either customise your very own case/skin or choose from the many pre-designed cases/skins. Make sure to use the discount code AIMEECODE20 for 20% off!

Something I really like about CaseApp is the design and personalize aspect. You can either start from scratch and make a case/skin that's completely personal or you can choose from the ready designed case/skins. Once you've chosen a ready designed case/skin you can then further customise by adding some: clip art, text, images, whatever you like on top of the ready designed case/skin.Obviously you don't have to further customise; you can keep the ready designed case/skin as it is and hit purchase. I didn't further customise but it's really fun to have the option. Although I did make the skin my own by moving the design about. I really liked this feature because that way no one has exactly the same case/skin as me. How cool is that?

To the left is the purple wash skin picture from the website. To the right is my iPad with the skin. You can see that I played about with the positioning of the purple wash skin, I moved it about to get my favourite patterns, shades and colours.

I love my new CaseApp skin! What do you think to my iPad's new look? What do you think of the customisation process that CaseApp have to offer? I think it's great!

Remember to use the discount code AIMEECODE20 for 20% off your first order on the CaseApp website!

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* This blog post is sponsored by CaseApp. The two pictures at the bottom of this post where taken from the CaseApp website.


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