Saturday, 21 May 2016

Style Inspirations from my Dad | Vanilla Underground

Hey lovelies!

For today's blog post I put together an outfit with the help of Vanilla Underground. I've seen a couple of blogs talk about style influences that they've picked up from their mother, but no one really talks about style influences from their father. That's what this post is all about, a typical tom-boy look which I'm completely loving right now!

Vanilla Underground are an alternative clothing store. They sell a whole lot of band merch, team sport items and even well known TV show and movie merch like Marvel, The Walking Dead and The Nightmare Before Christmas. The shop is perfect, I was spoiled for choice!

In the end, I went for a top which says 'Rock n' Roll stole my soul'. I loved this top on the website and when I recieved it, I fell even more in love! The material is so soft and thin (but not see through, which is good!) which is perfect for summer when you want a top that covers but you don't want to be boiling, It's really good quality! It has 3/4 length sleeves which can easily be rolled up. The top comes down lower at the back and the baggy, looseness of this top makes it even more perfect for the warm weather! The neck line is quite baggy so expect to see collarbone, I love the little button 'V' as well, it's just a simple little bit of detail. This is probably one of the most comfortable tops I own, I'm very impressed!

Thanks to my dad, I grew up listening to classic rock music (with a little bit of metal thrown in their!). This top complete with the quote was just perfect for me and my similar taste in music. Thanks dad for getting me into decent music so young!

Next up is a 'Yankees' Beanie. Another influence from my dad! During baseball season he had me and my sister watching the game, collecting player cards, he even brought us both our own little baseball and mitt to play a miniature game in the garden. Still to this day, whenever my dad leaves the house, he's wearing a team cap (the Yankees and Red Sox are his favourite), he has their shirts as well which he wears around the house! 

This Yankees beanie was a great choice as it can be worn on a bad hair day, in the winter or just to finish off your look. I went for grey, white and black because I just thought it would go great with any outfit. When you buy team merch from Vanilla Underground, It's genuine merchandise, so it's great quality and a good price for genuine stuff! 

I paired the top and beanie with some leather disco leggings and my wedged navy/black sneakers, both of which are from New Look. I love these shoes as they're super comfy even though they're heels. Wedged heels are easier to wear anyway, but these literally feel like a simple pair of sneakers but with an added heel. I can run a marathon in these! This outfit would also look great with grey/black jeans or black/denim shorts (which I actually wore on a particularly hot day!)

What do you think about Vanilla Underground and the items that I choose from them? What style influences have you picked up from your dad?!

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*This blog post is sponsored by Vanilla Underground.

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