Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Love Me Beauty: April | Unboxing

Hey lovelies!

Welcome to my final unboxing of Love Me Beauty products! I'm a little upset for this to be my final LMB box, I really love the products that I've received so far (February box and March box) I may even renew my subscription in the future because this subscription is just too good! I got some really lovely products this month, so way to end on a high note!

Can we first talk about LMB's new look? I guess I can't even call this an unboxing as it's technically an unbagging! I love the new LMB bags. I thought the boxes were good, don't get me wrong, but these bags are so handy for everyday use. You can use them as a pencil case, make up bag or even a case for your iPad (it would have to be an iPad mini though, as they're quite small!).

First item is a neon pink beauty blending sponge. I have a beauty blender from real techniques already, but this beauty blender from LMB was just calling to me. It's different to other sponges as you're supposed to dampen it before using for foundation. I haven't yet tried this technique out, but apparently it gets really big when it fills with water and it's supposed to make application easier and gives a flawless coverage. So far I've used the sponge dry and I already love the whole foundation applying stage with this handy tool. I find using a foundation brush leaves streaks on my skin whereas a sponge can't possibly do that! The rounded bottom and pointed top makes applying foundation/concealer to larger and smaller areas or blemishes really easy. I'd recommend using a dabbing motion rather than wiping; that way the foundation is really pushed into place on your skin, it lasts hours when you dab! It's super soft and bright pink, what's not to love?!

Up next is the 'Make Up For Ever' smoothing primer. It's quickly become the first step of my foundation routine. It's a skin equaliser and smoother: it really does just that. using this primer as a base under my foundation really helps to minimise my pores and reduce redness so my foundation glides on easily with not as much to cover up. My foundation is long lasting and great coverage anyway so I'm not overly sure how good this stuff is, but I would recommend it anyway. My coverage is possibly better with this primer as a base and I think it adds to the long lastingness, but I guess it depends on the foundation you already use. The primer feels nice and soft on your skin and you don't need to use too much of it, which is good as it only comes in a small squeezy tub.

Last up is 'Make Up For Ever' high definition powder. I was really interested by this product. I knew I needed a translucent powder to set my contouring without changing the colour or shifting around my face (that's what all the beauty gurus on YouTube do!) and this one does just that whilst helping you look good in HD. I'm assuming that means helping with the shine when on camera or I guess it could mean defining your features whilst setting your foundation...I'm not too sure but it looks good regardless! This is a really good translucent setting powder, it's just really annoying that you don't get too much of it!

What do you think of the items in this months box? Have you ever tried any 'Make Up For Ever' products?

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