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5sos 'Sounds Live Feels Live' Concert | Outfit and Experience

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I've been wanting to upload this post since the day, but I've only just gotten round to posting it now. On the 5th of April I had the best night ever! Finally I had gotten the chance to see 5 seconds of summer live on tour! I had tried desperately to go to one of their shows last year, but they were touring round the UK during the GCSE exam season. I wasn't doing my GCSE's but my sister was, and I couldn't just go without her, she loves the boys! This year we were lucky that they weren't touring the UK during exam season (as it would've been me too busy to go!), so we got to go see them live!

My sister and I taking a selfie after the show! It took so long to get out of the arena part since we were in the middle of the floor and when the show was over everyone was trying to go up the stairs at the sides, at the same time, aha. So we just stood taking selfies!

First off...The Experience!

The 5th of April was the very first show of the UK leg of 'Sounds live feels live'. This was so exciting that they kicked off the tour in little old Sheffield! It meant that we had no clue which songs were in the set list or who was the opening act. I definitely preferred it this way, not knowing which song was up next and screaming at the top of our lungs when our favourites started! (Let's be honest, all of them are my favourites!).

We arrived in Sheffield (it's about an hour and 10 minutes ish, from my house) and decided to make a day of it by heading to Meadow hall shopping center first. We saw so many fans wearing 5sos merch, we were just like 'their going, their 5sos fans'. We had some dinner in the food court before heading to Claire's to get bandannas for the show. (2014 Ashton would be proud!)

The opening act was a guy named Jessa Rae, from California. He was super cute and such a good musician. His first song was definitely my favourite and he even did his own cover of Selena Gomez's 'Same old love'. I already love that song but he changed it up and made it his own which made me love it even more! He had kind of a beachy, country vibe to him; it was fun and something different.

Then 5sos come on. It was incredible; the atmosphere, the music. I just love concerts! We were seated on the floor, a little further back than I thought but it was still amazing. I had to mainly watch the boys on the screens as I could only see them by standing on my tiptoes. Standing on your tip toes for long periods of time really hurts, but it was so worth it just to see them! I didn't take too many photos, I was just enjoying the moment without looking through my phone camera!

The music was great and so were the vocals. Micheal and Luke shared some amazing guitar solos whilst Ashton nailed his drum solos and singing parts (which I thought would be hard to do live), and Calum. I just love Calum, he could have just stood there doing nothing and I still would have gone crazy! Micheal even asked the audience 'who wants to kiss Calum?' Of course I (and every other girl in the room) screamed very loud! They were all joking around and laughing the whole time. Someone in the audience took a giant inflatable banana which of course appeared on the screens and was the topic of conversation for a while.

Micheal made up a song about Sheffield and got us all to sing along. Throughout the entire concert all the boys were repeating the word 'Sheffield' saying it sounded funny. They said, if it were a place in Australia it would be called Sheffers! The boys were so fun on stage and I love that they're personalities shine through even when performing, they truly love their job!

Moving on to the Outfit!

This was the top that I got on the night. The t-shirts inside the venue were a lot more money than we expected (at least the one that I had my eye on was, woops!) but luckily a guy was selling t-shirts outside that from a distance and in the dark we thought was just as good. But it turns out that the front of the top says 'Sounds Good Feels Good' which is the album title and not the tour title which is 'Sounds Live Feels Live' and the tour dates on the back (which is in red writing so it is difficult to read), has every tour date of the tour except for the show that I went to...I mean how frustrating! It was the first show of the UK tour so it should have been the first date on the top, but it isn't. There is no Sheffiled Arena written on the back of the top...the lesson here is next time, buy the merch inside. But oh well it's still a decent top that reminds me of the night!

 5sos fans have a uniform. We saw so many bandanas and flannel/plaid shirts. Black ripped-knee skinny jeans and beanies. It was amazing, I've never felt that I belong somewhere as much as that night.

On the side here you can kind of see the guys face with the green Mohawk who was screaming the words on the front of the top. (I should have moved my hair out of the way!)

The plaid shirt tied around the waist, black converse and a bandana are a must for 5sos! I went for a red bandana to contrast with my black hair whilst my sister did the opposite and got a black bandana that contrasted really well with her redish hair.

My purple Luke and yellow 5sos UK tour wristbands.

It was honestly the best night and I would do anything to be there again!

To the side here is my pre-show selfie!

I feel like a concert was not good enough unless you leave with your body aching, a sore throat and a strange whistling in your ears! And that night was definitely a bloomin' good show!

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