Friday, 28 October 2016

Girly Zaful Outfit Try On | Review & YouTube

Hey lovelies!

For today's post I have a little lookbook, outfit review and YouTube video for you featuring all the items that I received from the lovely store Zaful.

First off the dress. I fell in love with this dress when I was browsing through the Zaful website, it's just so pretty! I thought that the loose and flowy style would be great for a Summer day dress (It was Summer when I received, I'm out of season again with posts!). It's your typical girly little white dress with 3/4 length sleeves, a scoop neck and a lace hem around the skirt.

The dress itself is very thin. There is an underskirt to help out with that but it's still almost see through on the top half, so I definitely wouldn't recommend wearing coloured underwear with this dress! My only real negative with this dress is the size. I'm quite a small build so I went with a size S (small) which on the website states is a UK size 4, (which is tiny) yet the dress is a little too big for me. The length is nice, the elasticated waist is also good; it means the sizing wasn't a major issue. But the top half of the dress is a little too baggy on me, I like the fact that its loose and flowy (that's one of the reasons why I was drawn to it) but it's just a little too big on me. A solution to this would be to keep all the buttons on the front done up rather than have some undone like the model on the website, even then its still a little too baggy but its manageable.

The dress also has a Hollister label in it, Which I think is really good as Hollister clothing is usually quite pricey and the dress from Zaful was at a low clearance price. All in all I love this dress and I wish the Summer would return with its warmer weather so I can show it off some more!

The bracelet. This bracelet is adorable and I wear it with so many outfits just to give them a little bit of cuteness! It's white crochet lace, similar to the hem of the dress, and it's a line of little butterflies. The fastening to this bracelet is a bit odd to get your head around, I just kind of tie it in a bow and hope that it doesn't come loose. Oh and it can be worn as an anklet as well! I love this bracelet and it also looks amazing with an all black outfit, just a tiny bit of white on the wrist, so cute!

And finally, my not so guilty pleasure...The shoes! I was so tempted to get this exact pair of shoes in both black and grey because I just couldn't choose and they would've both looked so lovely with any outfit! In the end I choose my safe staple colour of black.

I was a little worried that the shoes would be uncomfortable as they are a pointed toe and that's a style that I'm not used to wearing, but they fit so comfortably and you wouldn't know wearing them that they are pointed at the toe. They're kind of like sandals or more ballet pumps. They're flat shoes, with little gaps missing in the sides and they lace up with a cute bow, and they are a black velvet soft texture. Super comfy to wear with summer dresses or with skinny jeans during the colder seasons! I honestly cannot fault these shoes and I've worn them so many times!

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* This blog post was sponsored by Zaful

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